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About our website “Te to Te to Te”

Sendai is located in north of Tokyo, only one hour and a half by Tohoku Super Express. Sendai has been the center of the Tohoku region since the great feudal lord, Date Masamune, who loved art and culture, found the Sendai Clan over 400 years ago. His fondness for refined traditional culture and a high sense of beauty, called “Date Culture,” has influenced the people of Sendai.

“Date Culture,” and the distinctive harsh northern weather of the area have inspired the creation of unique arts and crafts. The techniques for the creation of these traditional arts and crafts continue to be passed down to new generations of craftsmen.

This website features Sendai’s great and beautiful arts and crafts, including traditional toy, pottery, and furniture, which attracts everyone from all over Japan. We hope you find interest in these beautiful crafts, and you are invited to visit these craftsmen and view them creating their works in Sendai.

*The title “Te to Te to Te” means “hands.” “Te” means “hand” in Japanese. We express “hands” with three different characters, Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.


Creative director:
Daisuke Takahira
Hitomi Obara, Fumie Deura, Mayumi Oshiki, Emi Sugita, Sawako Numata, Mikie Okanuma
Art direction and design:
Satoru Morone, Keitaro Takahashi, Kazuki Kobayashi
Maki Onodera (fog), Hideo Ohkouchi
Haruka Tanno, Satomi Kosaka, Atsushi Ishitsuka, Kazuhiko Ohta
Takashi Fuse, Nobuyuki Kondo, Hiroki Makabe, Yasuharu Ozaki, Maiko Tamura
Mikie Okanuma
English website supervisor:
Peter Gamulo
Kenji Igarashi
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