Let’s learn about Matsukawa Daruma

Diagram of Matsukawa daruma    


Matsukawa daruma dolls have big eyes to see all directions for protecting family from all kinds of evilness.On its side, there is a pattern inspired by the Kanji of  Kotobuki (means congratulations, felicitations or best wishes).


How to make Matsukawa daruma


At Hongo daruma shop in the area close to downtown, craftsmen make 5000 to 6000 Matsukawa daruma in a year. Matsukawa daruma has been popular as a New Year’s good luck charm for a long time, but lately it has become popular as a decoration, so now craftsmen make daruma all year round.


sendai_hariko_howtomake_img_02 This black doll is the wooden mold used to make daruma. You know what…this has been used since the Edo period! The craftsman puts Japanese paper on this wooden mold and lets it dry.



After removing the daruma from the wooden mold, the craftsman adds powdered calcium carbonate on the daruma and lets it dry it for 3 hours before applying the red color on the daruma body and blue color around daruma’s face.


After drawing its big eyes, the procedure is done.


Matsukawa daruma is produced so it can watch and protect family with its big eyes.

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