Experience the fusion of traditional Sendai and Italian craftsmanship

“Sendaihira” was originally made in the mid-Edo period (early 18th century) when the Sendai clan specially employed many clothing and fabric workers. As time passed, the material was further improved upon and gained high acclaim, so much so that it was presented to shogun families and even the imperial family as a present and was used to make high quality men’s clothing. It now has a proud history of several hundred years.

An exciting collaboration between Sendai’s traditional craft, “Sendaihira” fabric, created by living national treasure, Mr. Yoshiro Koda and the world renowned Italian brand GUCCI has come to fruition.


The City of Sendai has been working towards creating a new industry based on its traditional crafts. This fusion of new and traditional ideas has been something the city has been striving towards in the modern day. With the collaboration between Sendaihira fabric and GUCCI, Sendai has taken a step towards becoming a city where traditional and modern ideas coexist in harmony.


Some 400 years after Tsunenaga Hasekura, considered the first Japanese ambassador to Europe, travelled to the Vatican in Rome, Sendai’s traditional arts combine with Italian craftsmanship in 2013.


The stylish bag pictured above makes use of Japanese bamboo

The “bamboo bag” has become an iconic item of GUCCI, made with Japanese bamboo. Decades after its introduction, GUCCI still produces the handmade bamboo bag, crafted from more than 140 parts.

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